OnCampus catering is the professional functions, catering and events division of the University of Canterbury Students Association

OnCampus UCSA

Established in 1894, the UCSA is a not for profit organisation with charity status.

The UCSA employs over 100 part time and casual staff and up to 80 full time staff who report through a Chief Executive Officer.

Our Mission is to help students succeed and belong on campus and running events and functions for internal, external and cooperate clients help us fund our activities.

Your support when using our venues, catering services or hospitality outlets helps us support our students!

The UCSA runs a variety of operations on UC campus aimed at helping students...

  • A dental clinic offering discounted treatments to students.
  • Two early childhood centres offering students and the local community, quality child care and education.
  • An advocacy & welfare department - supporting students, offering counselling services, grants and helping to create a safe campus environment for study and success.
  • A media department focused on creating a vibrant and engaging university environment, including the student magazine Canta.
  • An events and clubs team who help students plan and run their own clubs and events and who run large music events.
  • Multiple on campus hospitality outlets with great value and healthy food.
OnCampus UCSA

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